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Passenger transportation

Bus and minibus rental service from 6 to 77 seats

Safe passenger transportation from “Megatrans” abroad and in Ukraine

We have been transporting passengers around Ukraine and Europe for 14 years. But, despite our extensive work experience, we constantly set ourselves new goals: we are improving our fleet and service. We perform any private passenger transportation, provide individual offers. We organize comfortable trips with maximum safety for passengers on the road. We make sure that minibus rental with a driver is beneficial, convenient and affordable.

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Pay an advance payment for the service in a form convenient for you before the date of travel

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Приятного путешествия!

Check out our service for ordering buses and minibuses
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    Drivers with over 20 years of driving experience

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    We have very clean buses because we keep order

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    Maintaining microbiological safety during special times

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    New, modern, comfortable buses and cars at your service!

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    Rent is possible even for transportation of 1 person

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    Order any day! We work without days off and breaks!

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    We take into account all your wishes. Let`s take a close look at your situation

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    We will take you wherever you need

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    If necessary, we transport abroad, we serve international trips

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    Passenger transport licenses for all transport

Passenger transportation in Ukraine and abroad

We – Ukrainian company and we offer buses for tours throughout Ukraine. You can order transport for a specific number of people so as not to overpay. “Megatrans” has more than 30 units of equipment in its own fleet. Each car and bus undergoes regular technical inspections, washing and disinfection. Salons of our equipment are always:

  • clean;
  • comfortable;
  • safe.

Travels to other countries have long become commonplace. Many Ukrainians travel or travel to Europe on business. Passenger transportation abroad – these are multi-hour journeys in which comfort is important. Especially for such trips, we offer buses with comfortable seats, sitting in which does not cause problems with well-being.

Our drivers – part of the “Megatrans” team. There are no random people here. The level of experience of the drivers meets the company’s standards. They are professionals who love their work. They take care of the vehicle entrusted to them, the comfort and safety of passengers, and follow the rules of the road. Confidence in drivers allows us to recommend order a bus for transporting children safely and with care for them.

Passenger transportation: price per km

We build professional relationships with clients. We are improving the service comprehensively. We make sure that services and prices for passenger transportation in Kyiv and to other regions are understandable for them. Pricing for 1 km is based on various factors:

  1. Distance – the longer the route, the higher the price per kilometer can be to compensate for fuel costs, vehicle wear and tear and other operational costs.
  2. Seasonality – prices may change depending on the season and specific routes.
  3. Type of transport. Minibuses, passenger cars and large-capacity buses have different operating costs that affect the final price.

Taking these factors into account, clients can better plan their budget and expenses. For example, ordering transportation of staff from the workplace will cost less than a trip outside the city.

Irregular passenger transportation site

Our passenger transportation site – it is a service that can satisfy their needs and provide the necessary information in a convenient way for customers. If you are interested in renting a bus with a driver or availability of seats, you can contact with us: by phone, in messengers, in social networks, in online chat on the website. Online orders are accepted 24 hours a day. This approach makes irregular passenger transportation a convenient way of travel.

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