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Rent a bus for 18-21 seats

How To Book An 18-Seat Bus And Rent It At A Bargain Price: Top 3 Tips

It is possible to order a bus with 18 seats and rent it at an affordable price. We will give three tips on how to do this. And we will also tell you how to organize a trip on this comfortable and high-speed minibus properly.

Choose Speed And Comfort

A minibus that covers large distances at high speed and simultaneously guarantees passengers' safety - all this is a particular type of transport from one of the world's leading automobile concerns - Mercedes.

Our company Megatrans offers the rental of 18-seater buses with high speed of movement and classic comfort from Mercedes-Sprinter. We accompany the transfer with a professional driver who will ensure a business or private trip with confident driving and minimal time for its execution. Our drivers know the road conditions well. They have a lot of practice driving all the vehicles in our fleet. Therefore, we guarantee a fast and safe transfer according to the order of our clients.

The passenger cabin is equipped with all the necessary options for a comfortable and long trip:

  • wide folding seats for passengers with an opportunity to comfortably place for sleep and rest;

  • the ability to charge a smartphone, as well as watch a movie on the screen mounted in the upper part of the cabin;

  • ensuring a comfortable thermal regime - autonomous heating;

  • quality ventilation, and in some models, air conditioning.

In addition, it is possible to transport luggage, including bulky items, bags, and boxes. A spacious compartment of the bus for 18 seats for storing luggage will save you from the need to place things next to the seat in the cabin. Our passengers can take only hand luggage with them and feel comfortable. Things accurately stacked in the high and deep trunks are always in order and within quick reach of each transfer participant.

Reasonable Price For A Car Transfer

Buses for 18 seats with the rental of transport and a driver are relatively inexpensive. If you calculate the costs of a trip of the same duration by car, then transportation in a minibus will be much cheaper. This can be simply explained: for a journey of 18–21 passengers, and you would need 5–7 passenger cars or several minivans. The transfer estimate would include payment for several drivers' work and fuel costs. Even in the ultra-economic mode of the engines, the total price for such a service would be significantly higher. Therefore, the cost of a Sprinter trip is lower. At the same time, the high level of comfort of Mercedes buses can be compared to the level of comfort of a passenger car. And the smoothness, stability, and safety of the transport in some models can be even higher.

Shift All The Care To A Professional: The Optimal Route In The Minimum Time

A bus with 21 seats or 18 seats is a high-speed vehicle. After a flight or a long journey by train, a transfer from the station or airport is the best solution. That is why a pre-arranged order for delivery after a trip, air flight, will allow you to relax and shift all the care about driving and delivering passengers to a professional driver.

Our drivers can pave the optimal path even on the busiest sections of the highway and ensure safety on the way.

How To Place An Order For A Trip

We offer fast order processing. Our managers carefully and accurately coordinate all the details of the trip. This is important because we provide the best service for our clients and are interested in users always contacting us with new orders and continuing cooperation.

You can place an order by calling the contact numbers and ordering a callback through the form also available on our company's website. Another option for placing an order with our managers is a message for contact and clarification of data through accounts in messengers and social networks:

  • Facebook;

  • Instagram;

  • Viber;

  • Telegram.

We offer a trip around the city, along the specified route, and to the most distant locations, as well as excellent orientation in the road environment of all cities of Ukraine. One more important option is confident driving on roads outside the country. Our company offers such a professional approach to minibus transfers to all customers.
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