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 Renting A Car With A Driver (1-3 seats)

Renting A Car With A Driver: Why Shouldn’t You Drive Yourself?

You can order a car rental with a driver at our Megatrans company. We will provide a car with a spotless and comfortable interior. For such a transfer, we offer one of the best and most comfortable, safe business-class cars - the Mercedes E-CLASS car. This is a very convenient service with many advantages compared to traveling independently.

Car With Driver For Rent: All Attention Is On The Road

No matter how well a car enthusiast drives, he is still loose to a professional driver. And there are many things he will have to learn and remember during the transfer. A second thing is a person who spends most of his time behind the wheel as a professional. He has not only experience but also practical knowledge of the passability of the route and relevant driving skills in the most challenging road situations.

The attention of even experienced drivers is challenging compared with the concentration on the road of a professional. If, during a business trip, it is necessary to think about the solution to problems, and the implementation of commercial projects, then the professional driver thinks only about the road. That is why renting a car with a driver in Kyiv is the best solution in this case. To give control to a person who performs his function without emotion and detachment is to buy confidence and safety on the road.

Organization Of A Rental Car Trip To Kyiv With A Driver

Preparing the car for a long journey is necessary to overcome many kilometers of the road, especially if the trip is planned around the city and beyond.

If the trip is in your car, you will have to either test the car yourself or go to the service station for a control check. But even in the ideal case, technical malfunctions, a hitch at the exit, or a stop on the road may occur. A professional driver knows the mechanics, the essential components, and the car parts. He will be able to quickly react to a malfunction or failure and arrive on the route at the specified time.

In addition, you should not forget that on a long trip, you will need the following:

  • fill the car with a full tank and check the battery charge level;

  • to ensure the safety of the trip, check the braking system, the presence of a spare wheel or an emergency kit;

  • check the presence of the first-aid kit and the relevance of its contents, which in an emergency, can save the life of the owner of the car or someone who has been in an accident;

  • availability of a small but sufficient water supply, an alternative power source for charging.

All these preparatory procedures will take a lot of time and require organizational costs from each driver.

Rent A Car With A Driver In Kyiv And For A Trip Around The Country: Signs, Stops, Service

A professional on the road will be able to quickly orient how and where to turn best to shorten the way to the destination. The trial and error method is not suitable here. Renting a car with a driver on the highway guarantees a quick transfer with maximum comfort since the professional knows where and when you can stop for refueling, rest, and, if necessary, get technical support.

Renting A Premium Car With A Driver: How To Order

It is enough to order a VIP car rental with a driver in Kyiv to spend a few minutes and complete an online application on our website. In the menu of the application for renting a VIP car with a driver, specify:

  • name/surname of the customer;

  • the phone number for contact and clarification of all details;

  • date and time of the transfer.

If necessary, you can also specify the car rental details with the driver - the need to install a child seat, lay out a route with special requirements, stops at a specific place, wait for the customer, and so on.

You can also make an application and rent a car with a driver by calling one of the contact numbers listed on our website. We are always happy with new and regular customers. Therefore, we await your applications in popular social networks, messengers, and applications. Our managers will process the application on the official account:

  • Facebook;

  • Instagram;

  • Viber;

  • Telegram.

It is also possible to order a call back from our specialists by specifying a name and phone number. We will contact you and offer the most profitable solutions for organizing a safe, comfortable and fast transfer.
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