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a bus rental for 6-8 seats

How To Order A 7-Seater Bus Rental At A Price That Suits YouК

It is possible to order a bus rental for 7 seats at a price acceptable to all customers. In addition, such a rental in the complex offers the services of a professional driver. Renting a minivan is an ideal way to organize a business trip, travel for impressions, excursions to another city, or depart a small group of athletes, dancers, or creative people to competitions, exhibitions, or other events. The bus rental in Kyiv for 7 seats is also convenient for those who move around the city to solve personal matters, process documents with relatives, transport people for birthdays, or perform other tasks.

Safe Driving: Maximum Attention To The Road

The driver, who drives daily and knows all the routes well, manages the transport like a professional. Such a driver is the best solution for a safe transfer, especially on Kyiv streets and highways.

Our company will provide a professional trip driver who will concentrate on the road and quickly drive all passengers to their destination, spending a minimum of time on it. An important feature is that the emotional component of the trip does not burden our driver. He does not think about how to solve his personal affairs or issue documents. His task is not to travel and make impressions but to be competent in driving, performing his functions strictly following the road rules. And all this to ensure the safety of passengers.

One more detail to ensure a quality transfer. Each of the seats of all types of transport is equipped with a safety belt, as the road rules provide. This option increases the safety level of the trip on the minivans we offer, equipped with all the necessary technical solutions.

We Overcome Obstacles With The Help Of Experience And Skills

A trip on an 8-seater bus or even a regular car on the capital's roads is a real test for someone with some driving experience. Our drivers know all the peculiarities of roads and traffic jams on Kyiv highways. That is why you should not rely on chance and better entrust the wheel to a professional who will guide you through these transport corridors without delays.

Comfortable Salon, Security, And Accuracy

Rent a bus for 8 seats, where everything is clean and tidy, and with a necessary level of comfort - it's nice. In addition to external comfort, ensuring an acceptable interior temperature during autumn-winter and summer periods is no less critical. The salons of our minivans are equipped with a ventilation system and autonomous heating. Climatic comfort is maintained regardless of the season. Buses up to 8 seats, with a VIP cabin level, are equipped with air conditioning. This helps to create the most pleasant environment during a trip over long distances. Such an option is also helpful for transfers to the airport or around Kyiv, especially in the summer season.

The car's suspension ensures a smooth ride, even if it is fully loaded and the luggage compartment is full. Minivans from our company are convenient and spacious mini-transport for trips within the city, short distances, and hundreds and thousands of kilometers.

How To Book An 8-Seater Bus To Kyiv And Another City Outside The Country

You can place an order fastest - by calling the phone number on our website. The manager will receive the message and suggest the optimal route, calculating the preliminary cost of fulfilling the order on a specific mode of transport.

The order can also be placed through the company's official messenger and social media accounts:

  • Facebook;

  • Instagram;

  • Viber;

  • Telegram.

The order payment system is very convenient and depends only on the capabilities and comfort of the customer: cash or non-cash payment. Full payment can be made after the transfer. The advance payment is included in the total cost of the service, which will be calculated in two ways:

  • according to the mileage recorded by technical devices;

  • for the time used to fulfill the order.

Our drivers are experienced professionals who will help you complete the entire route with minimal time loss. They have a good command of the road situation, and they will be able to conduct all transfers along the most convenient and safe route both in the capital and in the cities of Ukraine and abroad.
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