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Comfortable Transfer In A Bus With 32 Seats - Mercedes-Benz Tourino

If you need a 32-seat bus, it is best to order a transfer to a Mercedes-Benz Tourino. This tourist liner is one of the most convenient and comfortable buses for trips and transfers. A bus from the leading manufacturer of automotive equipment in the world is offered a successful combination of well-proven bodies and salons with an increased comfort level provided by a bus from the leading manufacturer of automotive equipment in the world - the Mercedes-Benz corporation. According to some estimates, Tourino is the most popular bus for tourist trips and transfers worldwide. Moreover, it broke all the records for the entire history of the automobile industry in this niche. Such popularity is explained by a successful combination of strength, reliability, interior comfort, and operational safety.

The Megatrans company offers a 32-seater bus rental with a professional driver who will perform the transfer with maximum safety and bring all passengers to the route's final destination on time.

Trip Comfort: Bus Interior Details

A standard set of comfortable travel is expanded with additional options. Wide folding seats will help you drive hundreds of kilometers without extra load on your back. All seats are equipped with safety belts and installed according to road traffic rules.

You can take only hand luggage into the cabin, as the spacious luggage compartment will allow you to place the necessary items separately.

You can use Wi-Fi communication for a laptop or smartphone to stay in touch. The salon is also equipped with an autonomous microclimate maintenance system:

  • air conditioner;

  • heating system;

  • ventilation.

To save time on the road, you can watch TV programs or movies on the built-in monitor in the cabin. You can use a USB connector with standard power to charge smartphones and other gadgets.

The suspension of all wheels is independent and pneumatic. It ensures a smooth ride even when driving bumpy roads on rugged terrain.

There is also a toilet in the cabin, which will come in handy on long, non-stop journeys. You can use a coffee maker and a kettle. These additional features indicate that this type of transport can be used for long transfers over long distances.

Why Order Such A Bus?

First, the buses are convenient for traveling and transfers over long distances - at least outside the city and for moving around the country. Additional comfort options allow you to use transport for trips abroad, practically for a non-stop journey of hundreds of kilometers across Europe.

The cabin's comfort benefits tourism, organizing excursions, or attending sports competitions with a large team.

The advantage of ordering a transfer from us is the possibility of careful and high-quality preparation of flights, where a professional driver with a good command of the road situation drives your car. All logistical tasks, including the organization of meeting places, parking, and rest stops on the way, can be transferred to our company. We plan an ideal route for passengers and organizers. The price of such a transfer will depend only on the customer's wishes. We calculate the cost according to accurate and fair indicators:

  • used vehicle rental time;

  • distance traveled.

Therefore, we offer our clients only comfortable and cost-effective trips.

How To Order A Transfer On A Comfortable And Safe Bus

Managers of the Megatrans company accept orders for renting a 32-seat bus by phone or other communications available to the customer. Contact telephone numbers for placing orders are indicated on our website. You can also place an order by sending a message to one of the accounts of messengers, social networks, or communication platforms:

  • Facebook;

  • Instagram;

  • Viber;

  • Telegram.

In addition, you can enter a name and phone number and wait for a callback. The company's specialists will call back at the specified number and place an order for the trip. They will coordinate all the route details and suggest the best solution for logistics.
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