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Renting A Minibus For 10 Seats

Renting A Minibus For 10 Seats: How To Get The Most Profit

The capacity threshold for a minivan is 8 passenger seats. This is more than enough for a family trip or a small group on a picnic. But such a salon will not be spacious enough for a long journey to another city or a band trip to a performance place. In this case, renting a minibus for 10 seats or more will help. This is the basic level for minibusses. It is very convenient for car transfer customers, as it is optimal for the price and will be able to perform all tasks.

High-speed, compact, and relatively roomy minibusses are ideally suited for transporting passengers both around the city of Kyiv and within the suburbs, the region, and for intercity transfers. This transport can also carry out a trip outside the country along a pre-planned route.

Minibus Rental For 10 Seats: How To Order

You can order a minibus of the entry-level capacity by calling the managers of our company. It is enough to call one of the phone numbers on the site. You can also order a minibus for 10 people by filling out an online form where to specify:

  • Customer’s first and last name;

  • Phone number starting from +38;

  • The date of the trip – hour, month, day – using the drop-down menu calendar.

If you fill in one more menu window, you can inform the carrier in advance about the special conditions of the trip: the need to install a child seat and water supply and plan a route with stops at other passenger collection points.

Why Is It Sometimes More Profitable To Order A Minibus?

Let's point out at least three critical circumstances when it is better to abandon the idea of ​​ordering a minivan or traveling with several passenger cars and immediately focus on renting a minibus:

  • Constantly changing the number of future passengers;

  • The need to transport goods and things;

  • Looking for a comfortable cabin for a long trip.

Next, we will describe the above advantages in a little more detail.

Trip Planning

The first thing that needs to be calculated for any trip is the number of passengers. If it is a business meeting or a transfer to work, as a rule, the number of people is rigidly established. Here, you can predict everything very accurately and in advance.

The second thing is moving to another city to participate in the event if it is a tourist trip or a picnic. Plans often change, and those who wish to join as quickly as possible ask to cancel the order. If the number of customers has increased to eight, it is better to plan the trip by renting a minibus for 10 seats or more.

Large Luggage Compartment

Another essential advantage of traveling by bus for 10 people is a convenient luggage compartment. All minibusses, even entry-level ones, have a roomy luggage compartment as high as the bus's ceiling. This will allow you to take all the necessary things with you.

Comfortable Salon For A Long Trip

And the third significant plus of renting a minibus for 10 people is the cabin's spaciousness. If a passenger car and a minivan are designed for compressed space in the cabin, the minibus has an internal corridor and a significant distance between the seats. This is incredibly convenient for a long trip when you need to stretch your legs, recline the chair for res and create your own space without coming into close contact with the passenger sitting next to you.

Another advantage of ordering an entry-level bus for a long trip is a high level of comfort. In our fleet, minibusses provide passengers with many additional options:

  • Comfortable and wide folding chairs;

  • The possibility of watching a film, TV show, or series on the monitor screen;

  • High-quality acoustic system for listening to music and sound accompaniment of films;

  • Some minibusses of increased comfort have an air conditioning system, and all others have high-quality ventilation, heating, and ventilation system;

  • All seats are equipped with safety belts;

  • There is a power supply via USB connectors for recharging smartphones and other gadgets.

And the most important thing is that our buses are always driven by an experienced driver who can navigate any, even the most challenging road conditions.
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