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Rent A Bus For 30 People

Rent A Bus For 30 People – Pleasent Corporate Trip

Are you planning a trip with the entire team of the company? Or do you want to take the whole class on an excursion? With Megatrans, you will quickly bring your idea to life. You can order a 30-seater bus from us. Our vehicles will take you to any corner of the capital and help you see the fantastic corners of Ukraine.

Rent A Bus For 30 People In Kyiv: A Large Range Of Services

Megatrans has produced hundreds of successful transportation in Ukraine and abroad. The service fleet allows servicing:

  • Big and modest weddings;

  • School and university graduations;

  • Funerals.

Buses are also used to transport personnel. This service will provide convenience for employees and help them arrive at work on time. It is especially relevant for enterprises working with several shifts.

You can also place an order for the transportation of students. The school administration can take children to excursions and competitions without any problems. Such trips may be one-time or regular. The company also provides other transport services. For example, you will find a bus or minivan for transfer from the station or the airport (and in the opposite direction), theater tours, shopping, and other events. Using our service, you will get to your destination quickly and without problems.

Bus Rental For 30 Seats: How To Order

You can choose a suitable means of transportation and apply to the site. Fill out the online form, specifying your data: first and last name, phone number, date of the trip, details, or special features of the order. It will take no more than 5 minutes. In addition, you can make an application by phone, and the number is indicated on the company's website. The manager will answer all your questions, tell you about available dates, and suggest profitable options.

The optimal option for 30 people is a comfortable Mercedes-Benz Tourino bus. There are 32 seats in the cabin. It will accommodate 30 students and 2 chaperones or those from the team who decided to go at the last moment. The rental price is determined by time or distance (at the customer's choice). Costs are also indicated for a transfer around the city. Ordered such a bus, you will appreciate:

  • Free Wi-Fi and TV to brighten up a long trip;

  • Autonomous heating to travel at any time of the year;

  • An air conditioner that cools the air in hot weather;

  • Safety belts on each seat – they will protect during a sudden stop;

  • Comfortable folding chairs with high backs – will help you comfortably fit in the cabin;

  • Capacious luggage compartment – ​​will deliver all your belongings safely to the destination;

  • A microphone and acoustic system for conducting tours and announcing stops.

Traveling short and long distances on such a bus is equally comfortable. An experienced and attentive driver will make your trip safe.

Rental Bus For 30 People: Alternative Options

Megatrans provides various types of transport. Our fleet includes minibusses for 6–24 seats. Therefore, you can order several buses to transport a company of 30 colleagues. If you have a large group of students, check buses for 51, 56, and 80 passengers. Such options are also suitable for long flights, as they have 2 seats for drivers, which can change during the route.

Transportation of VIPs requires a special approach. There is a special offer for them – Mercedes-Benz W212 E-Class VIP. This is an elite car with 4 seats. It can be rented to transport a high-ranking delegation or business partners. You can book it for a while or several days for a transfer to the airport or trips around the city and beyond. All guests' luggage can be accommodated in a specially designated compartment. Such a car is also indispensable for a wedding. It can adjust the bride and groom.

Megatrans offers everything you need for a comfortable trip. Your excursion will not be left without decent and reliable transport. Our manager will help you find what you need. Choose a destination, and we will solve all delivery issues at the highest level.
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