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Minivan rental

Top 5 Reasons To Rent A Minivan With A Driver

Renting a minivan with a driver is the best solution for a business trip, a tourist trip, or driving around the city to complete documents and deal with personal matters. Next, we will try to explain with five simple examples why this is so. Let's start with the most crucial argument - travel safety.

Rent A Minivan With A Driver: It Is Safe To Drive A Car

The driver needs to hold the steering wheel, answer the phone, and watch the road - the trickiest part of the road is right ahead. There is also a child in the back seat that needs to be looked after. In order not to find yourself in a similar situation when an entrepreneur has brought partners for business negotiations and cannot pay attention to them, it is better to rely on the work of a professional driver.

There is another reason to rent a minivan with a driver in Kyiv. Driving on the highway and roads of the capital is a challenging task for a beginner and inexperienced driver. A professional driver is also an opportunity not to get stuck in a traffic jam "forever" or not to provoke an accident due to ignorance of driving features and road conditions in the city.

Comfort In Summer, Winter, And Always

The second significant plus is a high level of comfort. Transportation around the city in a private car is far from the most pleasant trip. A regular passenger car is not designed to load the cabin with many people and stuffing.

Megatrans minivans are comfortable and spacious cars for short and long-distance trips:

  • each chair is equipped with safety belts;

  • the cabin has a screen with a player and sound equipment;

  • the interior heating works to maintain a comfortable temperature in winter;

  • the seats are folded and allow changing the position of the body even in a long transfer without stops;

  • you can use the microphone connected to the speaker system to announce important messages.

Renting a Mercedes minivan offered by the Megatrans company includes many additional features. In particular, for a relaxing trip and comfort:

  • there is air conditioning for the most favorable environment during the transfer in the VIP class cabin;

  • there is a built-in acoustic system for you to watch a movie or listen to pleasant music during a long journey;

  • the minivan has a large, spacious luggage compartment next to the passengers' space.

You can also use a USB connector coupled to a standard power supply to charge smartphones or other gadgets. These connectors can also charge power banks, tablets, or laptops.

Optimal Payment

Every trip costs money, so it is essential to allocate resources correctly, including paying for transfer services. Rational calculation shows that if a trip is planned with a significant number of people - at least four - it is more profitable to order car rental services.

Ordering a taxi will cost more. On such trips, renting a minivan is inexpensive since there is no waiting limit, and you can ask to stop and pick up passengers at any specified point where the client needs to arrive.

A Simple Payment And Settlement System

Payment can be made by mileage or at the vehicle's use time. The calculation is made in a way that is transparent and understandable to both carriers and the client. You can independently calculate costs and plan the money needed for the trip. A minimum order amount is set for a specific type of travel. You can see the current price on the day of the transaction.

The specific conditions of the transfer are always agreed upon in advance. The route and departure time can also be specified to arrive on time.

Ordering Is Easy

Ordering will take a few minutes. A simple verification scheme includes filling out an online form on the company's website, which indicates:

  • customer’s first and last name;

  • phone number;

  • transfer date.

In the form, it is also possible to specify an essential addition to the order, for example, the need to install a child seat or increased luggage space.

The simple and understandable calculation for services, safe travel, speed and accuracy of movement, and a high level of comfort are the characteristics of ordering transportation services with the help of renting a minivan with a driver in Kyiv at the Megatrans company.
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