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Rent a bus for 20 seats

How To Book A Bus For 20 People At Megatrans?

In our time, people often organize joint trips to nature, excursions, and corporate trips. There is usually no need to rent large buses. It is much more expensive, and the passengers do not occupy even half of the vehicle's interior. Renting several cars is also unprofitable. The total cost can be pretty high.

In such a situation, renting a 20-seat minibus is an excellent solution. Such transport is convenient and convenient. If you need to order a 20-seater bus for corporate purposes, it is much easier to use one car. Renting a minibus for 20 friends or a large family will also be a great solution. After all, traveling together in one vehicle is more fun and interesting.

As you can see, a minibus for 20 people is ideal in almost all cases. First, it is compact. There will be no difficulties with maneuvers and parking. Secondly, your 20-seat minibus rent will be profitable for the trip organizers and comfortable for passengers. In addition, there is enough space for luggage.

When Should Order A Bus For 20 People

As a rule, renting a bus for 20 people is necessary before a planned collective trip. Most often, this happens in the following situations:

  • Meeting the delegation at the airport or train station;

  • Excursions for groups of people around the country and abroad;

  • Corporate trips;

  • Exit ceremonies for a limited number of guests.

Both private individuals and legal companies can order a minibus for 20 people, regardless of the type of activity. Megatrans drivers have all the necessary licenses to transport all categories of passengers, including children.

Why Should You Order A 20-seater Minibus With A Driver?

Renting a minibus for 20 seats with a driver simplifies the organization of the entire trip. It doesn't matter what the purpose of renting a vehicle is – a corporate event, a family banquet, a collective work trip – there will be no problem finding a driver with Megatrans. After all, the driver's task includes direct control of the car, keeping the 20-seater minibus in good condition, and servicing the interior. Sometimes the whole trip can be ruined by a non-working air conditioner in the heat or wobbly seats.

Therefore, renting a minibus for 20 people with a driver is an opportunity to get a vehicle with an up-to-date technical passport and a mandatory inspection before the trip.

Megatrans Is A Reliable Bus Rental In Kyiv

By contacting our company to for the price to rent a bus for 20 people, you are guaranteed excellent service and comfort for all passengers.

What does ordering a 20-seater bus at Megatrans mean for you:

  • Comfortable microclimate, regardless of the weather;

  • Wide comfortable seats in the entire bus for 20 people;

  • Availability of USB sockets for charging phones and other devices;

  • The presence of a TV and a stereo system for a non-boring pastime while on the road;

  • Spacious trunk and shelves in the cabin for placing bags.

The bus (20 seats) to rent undergoes a technical inspection before the trip to ensure that the trip is trouble-free and as pleasant as possible for your guests.

Order A Bus For 20 People: Contacts

You can place an order on our website if you need to rent a minibus for 20 people. For the convenience of customers, we offer a particular application form, where you should leave contact data and other wishes regarding the 20-seat bus rental. We recommend that you enter all the information about the upcoming trip in the online form.

For a detailed calculation of the cost of renting a 20-seater minibus, it is advisable to initially determine the route, the number and duration of stops, the availability of luggage, and other conditions. The comfort level of the cabin, the vehicle's capacity, the need for air conditioning, and other factors also affect the price of a 20-seat bus rental.

Renting A 20-seat Bus Is The Optimal Solution For Passenger Transportation

The service can be beneficial for business activities. Renting a minibus for 20 people is an excellent choice as a transfer for any distance. The cost of such a solution can be even lower than using your car.

Trips with Megatrans are always comfortable and exciting.
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