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Minibus rental

Renting a minibus with a driver in Kyiv: how to order and why is it profitable?

It is best to rent a minibus with a driver to move around the city, on a trip to another region, on vacation, or solve business problems. A professional with experience and skills can lay the best route with minimal loss of time. The calculation for the service is as transparent as possible for both the customer and the contractor. Next, we will tell you more about all the features of renting minibusses with a driver.

Where can I go by minibus?

The transfer company Megatrans is designed to rent a passenger minibus inside Kyiv and its suburbs and to travel outside the capital. Pre-order is also possible for travel to other cities in Ukraine.

The longest route is a trip to European countries and western regions of Ukraine. Our drivers have extensive experience driving on national highways and European motorways. They are guided by the peculiarities of the road situation within Ukraine and abroad.

Comfort in the cabin: thermal conditions, charging gadgets, comfortable seats

Our fleet of vehicles is equipped with everything necessary to quickly and comfortably take passengers to the point of arrival. The thermal regime is regulated by air conditioning or forced ventilation. If the trip is in the winter season, an autonomous heating system is used.

To prevent the passengers' gadgets from being discharged, special connectors are provided in the cabin for recharging via a USB cable.

The monotony of the road will brighten up watching a movie or listening to music. The salon has a monitor and a stereo system that works while driving.

Passenger seats are wide and folding. They are convenient for a long trip on an intercity or international route.

A large luggage compartment will allow you to put everything outside the passenger seats.

Minibus rental with driver: how to order

You can use a particular form on our website to place an order. To quickly place an order online, provide your contact details, including phone number and name, as well as specify special requirements for the transfer:

  • the need for stops along the route;

  • arrival at specific points;

  • installation of a safe child seat;

  • the availability of free space for oversized luggage and more.

When ordering a minibus for rent, you can specify all the features of the route and coordinate with our company representatives the time of travel, date, distance, and the possibility of ordering a minibus of a certain level of comfort.

How is the calculation for the trip: fares and comfort

The trip's cost calculation is carried out in advance, although the final amount may be specified. There are two options:

  • for the distance traveled with a fixed rate per kilometer;

  • for the time the customer uses, with a fixed rental price per hour.

In addition, renting a minibus price depends on the level of interior comfort and other parameters of the vehicle. A more spacious minibus costs more.

Renting a minibus with air-conditioning is more expensive for the mileage and use time. A budget vehicle will be more modest in price and comfort level. However, all offered options for renting minibusses are equally safe. The fleet of cars of our company is provided with complete documentation confirming the safety of its use for passenger transportation. Minibusses are constantly checked for serviceability and compliance with safety requirements. And each passenger seat is equipped with a seat belt.

Why is renting a minibus cheaper than driving your own car?

First, the benefit is that professional drivers can devote all their attention to the road and the car. They are on the road every day, and they know all the relevant features of transport communication: detours, areas with repairs, places for recreation, the location of existing service stations, and gas stations. Such knowledge and extensive experience driving a long-distance minibus route will help you reach your destination on time and with maximum comfort.

Renting a minibus with a driver in Kyiv will help solve the transportation issue within the capital and a bus transfer to another city or outside the country. Experienced drivers will lay a safe, maximum speed, and comfortable route for travel within Ukraine or along European roads.
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