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Minibus rental

Minibus rental in Kyiv: why you should use it

Just to avoid being late for work – a disturbing thought that bothers everyone at a public transport stop. Often you have to wait a long time, and then have trouble.

And if you urgently need to get to the other end of the city? Then you should either call a taxi, which is expensive, or use the services of renting a minibus.

This compact vehicle is great for traveling with a small team or transporting small cargo.

Kyiv is the largest city in the country, so such transport is an indispensable assistant for planning a business trip or a tourist trip.

Rental of minibuses in Kyiv in the company "Megatrans"

The carrier "Megatrans" – a transport company with many years of experience in providing passenger transportation services both in Ukraine and abroad. The company's fleet is represented only by new models of cars with increased comfort. In particular, all conditions are arranged for passengers:

  • air conditioners;

  • soft chairs;

  • children's seats (if necessary);

  • interior heating;

  • places for charging gadgets;

  • monitor for watching movies or listening to music;

  • capacious luggage compartment.

The company offers to order a minibus rental in Kyiv and its surroundings. If necessary, you can also go to other cities of Ukraine.

Order a minibus: your personal transport choice

Compared to the cost of a taxi ride, ordering a minibus will be much more profitable with almost the same conditions. To book transport, it is enough to use the sections of the site where you can enter the necessary personal data. In addition, special transfer requirements may appear:

  • number of additional stops;

  • selection of certain highways;

  • organization of an additional month for luggage.

The cost of a minibus to order depends on many factors. Depending on the class of the car, its capacity, availability of improved conditions and additional services, the price of the trip will vary.

Minibus rental with driver

The company offers the opportunity to order a minibus in Kyiv or in other cities of the country with two payment options. The calculation is based on the actual distance traveled (in kilometers), which is previously determined on the website. The second option involves payment for the actual time spent on the road (in hours) according to a certain tariff. The first option is ideal for long trips to other countries or regions of our country. The second method is the best for trips around the city.

We choose transport for various purposes, but most often it is buses for excursions, bus for a wedding, bus for transporting children or transportation to staff home. So that the client does not choose, he will receive only quality service.

The answer to the question of how best to organize your trip lies on the surface. Of course, everyone has their own opportunities, but rent a bus with a driver – the most profitable solution.

Experienced drivers will do everything in their power to make the trip go well. Agree that a personal driver will make your life much easier.
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