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Renting a Mercedes Sprinter

Renting a Mercedes Sprinter – comfort optimal price and speed

A minibus with a large capacity, exceptionally safe and fast – it's all about trucking with Mercedes minibusses. Travel, moving, and business trips will occur in very comfortable conditions. And an experienced driver who knows almost everything about a particular minibus model will work behind the wheel. Megatrans offers customers a wide range of such vehicles from one of the world's leading automakers. Renting a Mercedes Sprinter with a chauffeur service is an opportunity to arrive at your destination on time and with maximum safety.

Renting a Mercedes Sprinter with a driver – the most profitable solution

A business or private trip with a professional driver is beneficial for several reasons:

  • laying the optimal route in terms of length and comfort to the destination;

  • fulfillment of the task of delivering passengers at the agreed time without deviation from the schedule;

  • attentiveness, confidence in the road of an experienced driver who has a constant practice of long trips, including foreign transfers;

  • the ability to use 100% of the possibilities of vehicles.

When it comes to a private trip for recreation or travel, renting a Mercedes Sprinter minibus with a driver will allow you to get the most positive emotions. And most importantly – do not be distracted by the traffic situation, the state of technology, refueling, and other nuances.

A quick detour of locations around the city, excellent orientation in the traffic situation to another town, knowledge of the road rules in a foreign country – all this is available to a professional driver, including reliable, up-to-date information about the best places to rest on the way.

Rent a Sprinter with a driver: how much does a minibus hold

Cabin capacity – from 18 passengers. The maximum filling salon – 21 seats.

In addition to passengers, the minibus can carry luggage, including large suitcases or bags. The luggage compartment is quite roomy and will allow you to get rid of many things that would turn into hand luggage. Things packed and neatly folded in the luggage compartment are always directly accessible to passengers.

The rented Sprinter minibus will be equipped with either ventilation or air conditioning. It allows you to maintain the temperature in acceptable parameters for passengers.

The autonomous heating heater is switched on if it is necessary to warm up the passenger compartment. The interior is airtight and maintains the set temperature during the trip. A pleasant microclimate is also created by air conditioning if the trip takes place in the spring-summer period, and a minibus of the appropriate class is used for transportation.

The cost of renting a Sprinter with a driver

The cost of the service largely depends on the time required to serve the client. There is a second option for calculating the cost of services: for the kilometers covered by the minibus. The amount of payment for the transfer is also affected by:

  • the level of comfort of the cabin – the presence of air conditioning, soft seats, the ability to charge gadgets, etc.;

  • time of the release of the bus because the newer the equipment, the more expensive it will be for the customer to rent it;

  • the number of seats in the cabin for passengers.

Ordering service for transporting people by minibus: how to do it on the website

To rent a Sprinter minibus, you should leave a request in our website's online form. Here, in addition to the usual names and phone numbers, you can declare the need for special conditions for transportation. It may be necessary to install a child safety seat or oversized transport cargo. All essential details of the future trip should be agreed with our representatives in advance. For a consultation with the specialists of our company, you can order a phone call. The site has a separate particular online form. The order parameters must indicate the trip's date and the place of departure and arrival.

There is also a minimum order amount: within or outside the city. As a rule, the calculation for international transportation is based on the distance traveled and is pre-negotiated with the contractor.

Transfer to the airport, pre-planned private or business trip will pass without surprises. A trip on a rented Mercedes Sprinter minibus is always safe, fast, and comfortable.
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