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Bus For 50 People

Bus For 50 People: What Are The Advantages And How To Rent?

The troubles of organizing and holding a wedding, a journey to another city for a sports event, or managing ritual services are ahead. Gathering a team, guests, and invitees will take time and trouble. But it is unnecessary to spend these efforts coordinating transportation and explaining the route to each participant. It is much more convenient to take everyone by bus for 50 people, and renting such a vehicle is much easier, cheaper and more convenient than delivery by personal transport, minivans or taxis.

Megatrans company will help organize a bus rental for 50 seats in Kyiv, outside the city, or for a long-distance trip. That is you can order a bus for any distance. The company's drivers are well versed in the road environment, they have been operating transport for many years and have the necessary experience.

Bus trip for 50 people and rental as a service: what is the main benefit

The price for a trip per passenger will be much lower than a trip by taxi, personal transport, or even a minivan. On average, such a trip is 2-3 times more profitable only for the payment of services. This is because the exact fixed costs are not changed for more passengers. This means, in general, the trip will be cheaper. Let's explain it with a simple example. Ordering a bus for 50 seats is the same as transporting 50 people with at least 7 minivans with almost maximum loading.

Renting many minivans in total will cost much more since a trip will need a larger amount of amortization allowance, fuel, and, most importantly, the work of seven drivers. That is why it is cheaper to order a bus for 50 people than to organize a trip by minivan or minibus for that number of passengers.

The cost of renting a bus for 50 seats is calculated either by the mileage covered by the bus or by the number of hours spent on the trip.

Bus rental for 50 people: how about luggage and comfort?

The advantage of using our company's buses is increased comfort and the presence of a large luggage compartment. It is convenient for a long transfer to the place of sports competitions, tourist groups, or other events. In addition, everything you need, including folding chairs and tables, can be brought to the location of events, corporate parties, and various celebrations.

In the spacious luggage compartment of the 50-seat bus, you can place all the things unsuitable for hand luggage in the cabin. That is, we create the most comfortable conditions for passengers.

The bus seats are folding and can be used for long trips. Air conditioning, ventilation, and autonomous heating are available in the cabin.

How to place an order: online, by phone, by calling back, and on social networks

You can order a bus with 50 seats by calling the numbers on our website. We will clarify all the necessary details and offer the most convenient way of paying for services.

The order can also be placed online on our company's website:

  • specify the name of the customer;

  • contact phone number;

  • departure date;

  • trip details – the need to stop at several points for boarding passengers.

You can order a bus for 50 people through the company's social networks and leave the coordinates in the message at any time of the day. After processing the message, our managers will contact you and offer the best prices, routes, and payment methods. In addition, on the site, you can order a callback with the name and contact phone number.

The company's specialists are always ready to consult on questions of interest and adjust the arrival time or delivery conditions. Our specialists work in corporate accounts of social networks and can also accept an application after processing your message.

We always meet our customers and offer profitable, comfortable, and safe trips around Kyiv, the capital's suburbs, outside the capital, to other settlements in the country and outside Ukraine.

The staff of our company will provide a good car that meets all safety standards.

Our transfer is always high-quality work of all employees and responsible for clients' life, health, and comfort. That is why we offer buses with numerous amenities and a high level of safety.
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