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Rent a bus for 25 people

Bus Rental For 25 People: What You Need To Know

When holding mass events, such as graduations, weddings, sports competitions, business meetings, or simply for a tourist trip around the country and Europe, first of all, you should think of transportation. It is not always possible and meaningful to travel by private car, especially when it comes to group trips. Renting a bus for 25 people is an excellent budget solution. To organize any trip without any problems and not worry about all the details related to the road, use the services of the Megatrans transport company. We employ only professional drivers with extensive experience in various types of trips, and managers will be happy to help you place an order and clarify all the nuances.

Renting A Bus For 25 People: Registration

There are many reasons why people decide to rent a minibus. It is convenient, fast, and relatively inexpensive. In addition, a professional driver will plan the best route, taking into account possible traffic jams, repairs, and detours, thus saving your time and nerves.

Placing an order in our company is very simple. You can choose any method convenient for you: fill out the form on the site, write a message in messenger, call personally or order a callback. We work on weekends and holidays. Important details must be discussed with the manager (depending on the trip duration and type).  Clarify the following points:

  • Time and place of meeting passengers;

  • The number of stops on the way (their course);

  • Availability of oversized luggage;

  • The presence of children among passengers (for installation of special seats).

In addition, a preliminary calculation of the cost of the service will be a mandatory nuance. The price of renting a minibus for 25 seats depends on the vehicle's comfort and other parameters. There are two rental options: a fixed fee per kilometer or by time. We do not have hidden payments and provide a contract where everything is spelled out clearly and in detail. The client does not risk anything, controls his budget, and does not overpay for services. Our company has one of the most favorable prices for renting passenger transport in Kyiv.

Mercedes-Sprinter and Mercedes-Benz minibusses are ideal if you need a transfer for a small group (up to 30 people).

Comfortable Travel Conditions

Whether you order a transfer to a restaurant or an interregional trip does not matter. The time spent on the road should be as comfortable as possible. Megatrans takes care of its clients. Our buses are equipped with everything necessary for comfortable long and short trips:

  • Depending on the season, autonomous heating, air conditioning, and ventilation systems are available;

  • Salons in vehicles are equipped with displays and a stereo system. If desired, you can watch a movie or enjoy good music all the way;

  • Comfortable wide folding seats for passengers (enough space for legs);

  • Luggage compartments accommodate a large number of bags and suitcases, so you don't have to worry about bulky items cluttering the bus interior;

  • Safety belts are provided for passengers;

  • Large panoramic windows;

  • Some buses are equipped with toilets, and there are also refrigerators;

  • There are special connectors for USB cables for charging phones, tablets, and other mobile devices.

Most of all, we pay attention to comfort and safety during the trip.

Safe Trips With Experienced Drivers

The company must have special licenses to transport passengers, and the driver must be competent and meet specific requirements. Megatrans Drivers have the experience of long trips not only in our country but also on European autobahns. Having ordered a bus for 25 people, you can be sure that the manager of our company will take care of all the details.

Passengers do not need to worry about safety during the trip. All our vehicles undergo regular maintenance and a mandatory inspection before leaving for customers. After all, our goal is to deliver passengers to their destination on time and without any problems along the way.
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