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Renting A Mercedes E-class

Renting A Mercedes E-class With A Driver: A Trip With Comfort

A journey in a private business-class car is the most comfortable option for moving around the capital or a business trip. Renting a Mercedes E-class with a driver is also a feeling of complete freedom of movement in and outside the city. High speed, power, and improved comfort indicators are a traditional combination for cars of this level.

One of the best business-class cars of a well-known car concern is equipped with the latest safety and control systems. On any road - slippery or wet - the car feels confident. This is due to the considerable weight and peculiarities of the running system. Even at high speed, the vehicle:

  • Runs smoothly;

  • Has excellent depreciation;

  • Thanks to the actions of the onboard computer and the automated control of the engine and chassis, it can successfully block skidding and prevent other emergencies.

Mercedes E-class has comfortable wide seats, improved ergonomics, and all necessary comfort options: charging for gadgets, audio system, air conditioning, ventilation, and heating.

Renting A Mercedes E-class With A Driver: Why This Is The Best Transfer

Cars of this level are among the best in the well-known manufacturer's model range. They are not only stable on the road and use many safe driving systems. Such a car will cover hundreds of kilometers of road in a few hours and cope well with trips on the capital's highway. The combination of power and comfort is almost perfect here.

Renting an E-class car is necessary for those who maintain the image of a business person at home and on a business trip. Now there is no need to move to another city with your car - you can simply rent a comfortable and powerful car for a few days.

An Ideal Car For Celebrations: A Wedding Or Anniversary

Renting a Mercedes E-class with a driver is ideal for accompanying a wedding, anniversary, or another festive and significant event. The presentable appearance of the car will emphasize the moment's importance, and the interior's increased comfort will create a cozy atmosphere.

Renting A Mercedes E-class: How Much Is The Rent?

The price per mileage or time of use specified in the order form for a car of this level is entirely comparable with fuel prices, including a personal chauffeur service. The vehicle will be driven by a professional and experienced driver who will bring the car to the destination on time and as safely as possible for the transfer customer.

There are other prices associated with fixed amounts. You can see them by selecting the desired service in the same order form.

It is easy to notice that using a Mercedes E with a driver or renting a regular car are two different price positions. And this difference is explained by a significant difference in the comfort level. The customer receives not just an expensive vehicle but one of the best business class cars in the world. Smoothness, speed, stability on the road or highway, and many additional functions that provide increased comfort are the indicators of the E model range.

Although it is a business-class car, it has a large and roomy classic trunk, where you can put not only a bag or a briefcase with documents but also other more oversized items. Therefore, meeting guests from the airport with such a car is also convenient. Remember that this is an ordinary passenger car, and its capacity is four passengers. 

How To Order

Contact our company to order a transfer or rent a car in Kyiv. Managers of Megatrans will coordinate all the details of the lease over the phone. The order can be made directly on the site by completing the online form. It contains the name and phone number of the customer. It is also necessary to specify the trip's date and the rent calculation - by time or mileage is also required.

If you need a transfer with a fixed amount, you need to contact our company's call center. In addition, there is a separate window for additional information in the online application. For example, if the trip is planned with a child, you can request the installation of a child seat. Or it will indicate the meeting place for passenger boarding directly at the airport or any other point in the city.
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